Thursday, June 12, 2008

Carrot Cooking Camp

We have joined the online Kids Cooking Summer Camp, and the first "camp week" subject was carrots.
Of course, the first thing a did was go to the library and find books with a carrot theme. Our two favorite books were The Enormous Carrot and The Giant Carrot. These books are loosely based on a Russian folktale. The kids had fun comparing the two books. They also noticed the similarity to the story of the Trojan Horse in the first of these books.
Doing activities with carrots fit nicely into our plant study that we did last week.Just last week, the picture above shows our carrot scraps we were hoping would grow.
Our picture today shows the growth our carrot has had. We are going to try to plant it into dirt soon. We don't really know what will happen to it-but that is what science is all about.
We ended our carrot fun with a yummy recipe for carrot cake. The kids did discover that shredding carrots can be a dangerous job!
This is Gracie, moments before she shredded a little bit of her finger along with the carrot.
Don't worry though, a band-aid took quick care of it.

A lot of cooks in the kitchen.
Yummy, yummy!

A cake and daughter as pretty as a picture!
UPDATE: This is the yummiest carrot cake that we have ever had!!


Alex said...

Thank you so much for posting about this! We signed up and are looking forward to this "camp" this summer along with our Author Fiesta.

Rhonda said...

Oh wow look at that little carrot go! I hope that it makes bunches of new carrots for you! We have joined the "Cooking Camp" also. It looks to be a lot of fun. That cake looks so yummy. My hubby adores carrot cake so this is one that my girls will have to try. Poor little Gracie's finger. In a a child's eyes there is nothing that a band-aid and kiss won't fix. *smile*