Monday, June 2, 2008

Seven Silly Eaters-Book Fun

Today we revisited the book The Seven Silly Eaters- by Mary Ann Hoberman. It was recently discussed over at the 4Real forum, and having forgotten about it, I was so pleased at how much we all enjoyed this fun story.
Be sure to to check out Mary Ann Hoberman's website to read about this wonderful book, and the many other children's books she has written. The illustrations, by Marla Frazee, are so amusing the kids kept remarking how much the pictures in the book resembled our own home.
Included on the Mary Ann Hoberman's website is a recipe for Mrs. Peters' birtday cake. It is an unusual cake recipe calling for lemon juice, rolled oats, applesauce-all ingredients from the story.
We had a great time making the cake, but we all were unsure of how the taste of the final outcome would be.

It came out of the oven, smelling delicious. I put a simple confectionery sugar glaze over the top. After "we" put on the glaze, I tried to get a picture. Take one is above.
Take two.
Take three.
Take four--this one came out kind of cute, even though they are looking at something else.
The final taste test results: absolutely delicious. Even my 21 year old chef snitched a bite on the way out the door-stopped-and remarked, "What is in this?" He then took a whole piece.


Rhonda said...

Yum, that cake looks delicious! Great photos of your children with the cake, ALL of them. LOL!

Lisa said...

We love this book, and have gotten it many, many times at the library... May be one we need to break down and buy. What a great excuse to bake a cake!