Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Elmer-by David McKee

We have been enjoying the very colorful Elmer books
by David McKee. As you can see from the Amazon list, there are many Elmer books to tickle the children's fancy.

I discovered a great site to add to our study of the Elmer books: Elmer&Elephants.
This site gave me a lot of ideas, and it also included a printable so that we could all color our own "Elmers".

I told the kids to try and not have any two of the same colors touching. Luke wanted me to help him with his coloring.

Kim did NOT want my help. You can see a few attempts I made to show her how to color each square. This resulted in a total 2 year old hissy fit. Ignore the sleeping body in the upper right corner of this photo-he had a hard day.

Our finished products!


Rhonda said...

Awesome elephants! Great job! Ok I had to laugh at the sleepy head in the background. *giggles*

Lisa said...

Too cute! I just love your projects!