Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Knit arm/wrist warmers, just in time for the blizzard

I knit these this past week, when it became obvious that we were going to have frostbite of the forearm if I didn't come up with some sort of solution.
I used a k1p1 ribbing for the entire warmers until the last 4 rows, which are all knit.
I knit them on straight needles with a side seam.
I used the needle size and stitch count as I would for the ribbing of my regular mittens.
For Gracie's, shown, I used size 7 needles, casting on 28 stitches, working the ribbing until they were nearly up to her elbows---I then knit 4 rows, binding off in knit stitches.
For Kim and Luke's warmers, I cast on 24 stitches.
Sew up the side seam, leaving a thumb hole. This falls right before the 4 knit rows in the ribbing.
No snow is getting up these sleeves during the snowstorm....and all the fun outdoors following the storm.

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esteinson said...

I did this and it's wonderful. I only had regular knitting needles and wanted to make for my daughter for Christmas.
Thank you..