Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like February

We have been busy decorating our house for February.

I saw all these ideas out in the internet world, but I'm afraid I can't find the sites.

When I find them, or if you know where they are, please leave a comment below.

Above, Kim and Luke are getting a deck of cards ready to be made into a Valentine garland...I love this one.....
We used the heart cards and arranged them in order.

Next, I used our heart paper punch to cut out hearts from some of the remaining cards.

Use a hole punch to punch 2 holes in the tops of the cards and hearts.....

String the cards with red yarn in a pattern....very cute, but more importantly, very easy.

(You can buy decks of cards at the dollar store)

These little ladybugs were from a kit at Joann's Fabrics. We added a magnet to the back so they can hold messages on the refrigerator.

I did find the original post for these Yarn Hearts over at Family Chic.

The instructions at Family Chic are very easy to follow....I just love this photo.

I have added these yarn hearts to my heart garland which I made last week.


Kelsey said...

Looks great! We need to get on our valentine day decorating. Next week....:-) I think I saw the deck of cards at and I think its so cute! We will be doing that next week for sure. Can't wait till my two are older to do some of these more complex crafts! :-)Thanks for sharing

Laurie said...

I have been planning on making the yarn hearts since your post last year. We did it on Friday! They turned out so cute and were fun to make.