Monday, February 21, 2011

The Gifts of this life

It's time to write in this journal, a gratitude journal. A journal of gifts. Three things a day. I can do that. Find three things to put down in this journal--everyday. But does it ever get quiet enough in the "little house" to even think? I have too--think---think deeply. Deeply, into the grateful areas of my heart.

I know that first I am grateful for my family. Pat says I should just put photos of the kids in here, and I will. But first, the first photo, will be of Pat. My husband, my best friend, my love, my life. Without him, I am no one.

Without him, I wouldn't even be alive. How many times have I heard from people that he was the only thing that kept me alive? He was told I wouldn't live through the night. He wouldn't leave my side---for two weeks. I knew that if I reached out my hand, at any moment, he would be there to take it. He squeezed my hand and kept me here, with him, with our children.

The doctors say it was a miracle, pure and simple, and I don't deny that. It was totally miraculous that I lived. But I also knew that the hand holding my hand wasn't going anywhere, and neither was I.

So I begin my journal, some handwritten and some shared.

Today I am thankful for these gifts:

1. God and my faith

2. My husband--steady and strong

3. Life---sweet, precious life

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