Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Dress-up kind of night

My teenagers have the great priviledge of attending a wonderful little school--Holy Cross Academy. The smallness of this school allows all the kids to grow together in their faith and friendships.
One thing that is looked forward every spring is the high school formal dinner dance.
It provides the kids an opportunity to dress up and enjoy the many friendships that are nurtured at school.

My beautiful "middle" girls--Amy and Laura
(when did these "middles" become so grown-up)
Amy and friends Michaela and Megan
Steve and Amy
Amy and Laura
Laura and friend Sadie
Everyday I thank God for blessing me with this beautiful children---beautiful on the ourside, but also, more importantly, on the inside!!

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Lisa said...

They are beautiful! (Oohing and Ahing at the dresses over here...)