Monday, May 3, 2010

Westward Expansion Book List: Part 1

We have been enjoying our journey into the west with our study of westward expansion.
We have been on our trip now for 2 weeks and we are all learning so much!
We have used alot of Elizabeth's unit which can be found at Serendipity.
I wanted to list the picture books we have enjoyed in these first 2 weeks before I forget about them in our excitement to join the California gold rush!
If you click on the picture of the book's cover, you will be taken to the Amazon link.
We used If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon as our "textbook".

Of course, the family read-aloud was Little House on the Prairie.
I am very happy to say that even Luke and Kimberly enjoyed it, sitting quietly for up to an hour while I read.
The great series of books, My First Little House Books, added a lot to the past two weeks. They were perfect for the littlest kids, but the big kids also enjoyed them because the pictures are awesome. The picture books followed the chapter book so nicely, things were decribed word for word, and the pictures helped with "technical" terms, such as nose feed bags and fording a river.

You Wouldn't Want to be an American Pioneer was just the book to keep Mark's interest. Of course, he is a 10 year old boy, and what could be better than the gross, yucky stuff of the pioneers life.

These two picture books are very fun. We all enjoyed them.

These last two books are the books that Gracie, 8, used for her reading books these past 2 weeks. They were easy for her, but we all enjoyed having her read to us!
Stay tuned next week for our California gold rush books.
Some of our other fun of the past weeks was, learning to spit (Mr. Edwards style),we made prairie sunbonnets, and homemade butter and cornbread.

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