Monday, May 17, 2010

Seeing double--birthday wishes

23 years ago, on May 16th this little guy made us a family. His due date was May 16th, which also happened to be his Daddy's birthday. Of course, I knew the odds of having my first baby on his due date was very remote, but this little guy surprised us all and arrived just in time to guarantee a special spot on the calendar.
A birthday with his Daddy!!
I have pictures of every year, with my two men celebrating together.
This photo makes me realize how far we have come from the "very young" parents we were then to the "very seasoned" parents we are today.
It is like we grew together.
And today.....
I wish these two special Patrick's in my life a wonderful year to come.

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Rachel said...

What neat pictures and a fabulous legacy!

Happy Birthday to both!