Friday, April 30, 2010

Homemade butter and cornbread-prairie fun continues

We shook and shook heavy cream this morning, and turned it into delicious butter.
It has been a few years since we had done this, and boy, I don't know how I can forget how much shaking it actually takes to make the transformation into butter.
But, we persevered, and finally the butter appeared.
We did learn that during westward expansion, during the wagon trains, the pioneers would simply hang the cream in a bucket inside the wagon, and the bouncing and bumping from the rough terrain would turn the cream into butter by the end of the day---now "that is SMART"---as Gracie stated after shaking and shaking and shaking!
The butter and buttermilk we got from 16 ounces of heavy cream.
Gracie learned that she LOVES buttermilk---Mark tried and disliked it, which made the littler kids not even want to try it.
After making the butter, we moved on to another prairie favorite--corn bread.

Some loved it!!!
Some did not!!

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Rachel said...

Love the home-made butter. I did that with my Gracie and Brennan earlier this year. It was so fun, and that butter tasted so good!

Thanks for sharing!