Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our Butterfly Release for Ascension Thursday

In honor of Jesus' Ascension into heaven after 40 days on earth after the Ressurection, we released our painted lady butterflies.
Jesus rose, in the presence of his disciples, on a cloud. "Jesus rose into the air, higher and higher, until a cloud covered Him and the disciples saw Him no more."
So today, we watched our butterflies fly up to the clouds and remembered to think about our wonderful, loving Jesus.
We had the honor of releasing 8 butterflies.
Some didn't seem eager to fly.
Some flew a short way, only to be recaptured,
and released again.

Thank you, Jesus, for loving us and provided such beautiful creatures for us to enjoy!!


mel said...

What a great idea for Ascension Thursday!! When did you start them to have them ready for release? Did any die for the cause? lol...I've heard they are pretty delicate...I'm afraid a couple of my kids would damage them in the release if they held them!

Rachel said...

What a fabulous idea for Ascension. I love the pictures. We had some of the same butterflies (but the smaller pop-up house) and I remember watching them go through the cycle. It was amazing...simply amazing.