Monday, May 31, 2010

A Beautiful Memorial Day

Amy and Luke waiting for the parade to start.
It was a beautiful, sunny, HOT day today.
The temperature reached about 85 degrees---a little too hot to comfortably enjoy the day, but we enjoyed our holiday none the less.....
We began the day in the traditonal way---with a real small town, Americana, parade.
Grandma and Grandpa H, in their usual position for parade watching--in front of our church on Main Street.
Dan, Laura, Dad and Luke.
Luke was very nervous about the parade. He doesn't like loud noises, and he knew the majority of a small town parade is fire trucks---fire trucks that are happy to honk their very loud horns, and scream their sirens, when encouraged to do so by the young fans along the road.
Auntie Kim and Kimmy.
Wave that flag, Kim!
Another important part of small town parades is the fact that all the little league ball players get to march. Above is Auntie Kim's son Aaron.
Luke was ok as long as he stayed WAY back from the road and someone was holding him.

Like I said, fire trucks are very important out here in the country.
You can see Gracie holding a bag in the center of the picture. This bag is to collect all the candy that is thrown from the fire trucks. I believe my kids had more piece of candy than there were marchers in the parade.
Daniel is now my designated driver----I want him to have his drivers license before he heads off to the seminary in the fall.
Because I am now a rider I get to watch out the window and yell for him to stop when I see something photo worthy.
This is another thing that may not be known to those outside of rural America---if your Mom yells STOP---it generally means she wants to take a picture of "something" interesting---you may have to climb out of the car and through ditches, try to catch a snake or turtle, or you just have to wait for Mom to get a picture out the window---which 99 percent of the time is perfectly fine, safe thing to do, because no other cars are in sight anyways....
The rest of the day was spent in the backyard of Grandma and Grandpa H.
Of course, we had to take a stroll around the yard to see all that had blossomed in the last couple days.

pinecone collecting--this kept them busy for a few glorious minutes...
Of course, now Kimberly wants to know when we are making a "pinecone project"
Grandma and Grandpa have taught us to love the birds...everyone keeps a lookout for a new feathered friend.

A truck racetrack was made in the driveway.
Luckily the one crash resulted in only a scraped knee.
This photo doesn't do justice as to how grimy this beautiful child was at the end of the day.
We were very pleased that Becky could join us after work.
I love how even though they saw Becky yesterday, the little kids are always sooooo excited to see her---this Momma loves it ......and I think Becky does too....
5 adults sat in the backyard, blissfully unaware of the fact that the four youngest kids were continually "trucking" sandbox sand into the driveway race course.
It was a surprise and a mess.
Poor Kimmy was not lucky enough to find a real broom to aid in the clean-up, but Becky had her snowbrush in the car, and that work great.
(Make sure you keep that in the car, never know when you may need it ;-)
Here's wishing everyone a wonderful we kick it off today....and my your driveways always stay clean.....

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Rhonda said...

What a glorious Memorial Day! Thank you for sharing all of the photos.