Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My babies are both 4 this week!!

It is getting harder and harder to take a good "twin picture" as the kids get bigger.
I have a million good pictures of Kimberly, a million good pictures of Luke, but to try and get them to both look good, while looking at me, is beginning to become impossible.
As most of you know, Luke and Kim are the same age for 3 days every May-our "Irish twins".
This year was a first because Luke was quite upset by this event--namely Kim's birthday. He just couldn't understand how this could happen. First off, Kim got to have her birthday first, and secondly, he thought he would wake up on May 3rd and Kimberly would be as big as he is. (In fact she is only a smidgen shorter--but that is enough to give Luke the self-esteem boost he needs)
He was relieved that Kimberly didn't become bigger overnight, and now he is counting the days until he turns five!
The 3 year old "twins"
2 year old "twins"
My sweet one year old "twins".
I can't believe that are so big now!

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