Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Heavenly Day

Grace received our Lord, Jesus, into her heart today for the first time.
It was a beautiful day, perfect for celebrating such a important event in the life of a Catholic.
I can still remember my First Communion, which I received from the same priest, kneeling at the same altar railing.
Father Morelle, Mrs. Dunne and the entire 2010 First Communion class.
Father Morelle and Grace.
Grace and Mrs. Higgs. Mrs. Higgs was Grace's religion teacher last year.
Grace can now carry Jesus in her heart in a very special way, which you can only do when you receive Holy Communion.
After church, we headed to a little celebration at Ye'Olde Pizza Pub---Gracie's favorite restaurant.
Friend and fellow guest of honor, Matthew.
(We need to save this photo for their senor year book--10 short years away.)
I was quite worried about white dresses, combined with pizza. But thanks to Grandma C's loan of a bib, her dress remained in perfect condition.
One reason this is one of Grace's favorite places is because you can watch a movie while you eat.
Today Grace got to choose the movie--she chose the movie UP. This was a big hit, especially at the big boy table. ? !
Ida, Lillian and Catherine
Grace and Grandma
Grandpa and Grace
cutting the cake
Grace got to eat the whole sugar cross.
We couldn't leave without getting some photos with the resident knight.
Grace, Dad and I are so proud of you. We know that Jesus loves you very much and we pray that you stay very close to Him thoughout your life.


Juliana E. said...

How lovely! So moving when our children get to receive the Lord for the first time - such a great part of our Catholic faith! My triplets received their First Holy Communion earlier this month! What great memories! I loved Grace's dress.

Rhonda said...

Congratulations beautiful girl. Her dress is just gorgeous!

Theresa said...

Congratulations on your First Communion!!