Monday, December 29, 2008

Tot School--Christmas!!

Luke is 3 1/2 and Kim is 2 1/2.
No school this week , but a lot of Christmas!
It started on Christmas Eve with our annual family gift exchange. The ten kids had exchanged names on Thanksgiving and we give our gifts on Christmas Eve. Of course, I helped Kim and Luke, but they wrapped their gifts and were so happy when they got to hand them out.
Luke loves Thomas the Tank trains.
Kim received her first Colorform set, and I am amazed how long it keeps her attention. This will be a regular activity during Tot-school.
Christmas morning arrived at 5:30 in this house, but everyone was wide awake when they saw the gifts that Santa had brought.
This has been Luke's main position since getting some Geo Trak's trains. Between these and his Thomas trains, we have the engineering field covered.
Christmas day was spent with Grandma and Grandpa. Kim enjoys stories so much, and Grandpa was happy to read, and read, and read to her.
Luke and his big brother Mark love the Hess trucks they got from Grandma and Grandpa.
Dress-up is something Kimberly enjoys-A LOT. She is a princess in her new outfit, and make sure you don't call her anything else-even her name.
The game Horton Hears a Who has been a big hit.
They love taking turns wearing the Horton hat and searching the room for clover. In the midst of Christmas excitement Kimberly's God-Mother's son got married. This was a great experience for the tot's around here. God-Mother, Auntie Kim, poses with Kimberly in front of a beautiful Christmas tree at the reception.
Big sister Becky was the Maid of Honor.
We danced and danced and then danced some more.
A perfect spot, under the tree!!
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the horton game looks fun! :)stopping by as part of tot school.

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