Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Luke's new "fuzzy" outfit

I made Luke some pants last week which he likes to call his fuzzy, cozy pants. I finished up a fleece top to go with them today, now he calls this his fuzzy outfit.
It came out very cute. My favorite aspect of this top is the fact that it has a velcro closure on the top right shoulder--very handy and easy.
The pattern I have used you have seen before, here and here.
As you might be able to tell, I love this pattern, but it is falling apart, and is kept in a ziplock bag. I also cut it on the size 4 line (I usually never cut a pattern out on a small size, I usually fold it over and cut it out so I have many, many years of use out of it.) Now, I find out that this pattern, Butterick 6362, is out of print. So if anyone has this pattern in a size biggger that 4, let me know, I will make an offer on it.
Kimberly is wearing nothing new in this picture, she was just angry that Luke got to stand on the table and have his picture taken, so she wanted her turn--she received her turn--after all--she is my baby!

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Anonymous said...

I see you had a fun day today. You should work on not giving in to Kimberly LOL-I couldn't either. Kim