Monday, December 1, 2008

The Christmas Barn-by C.L. Davis

We have found a wonderful read-aloud to enjoy this Christmas season. I am not sure where I first heard about it, but I and the kids were greatly pleased with the true to life humor and hardship found within its pages. Especially enjoyable was the fun the characters have as a close knit family. There were quite a few places in the story where the kids were laughing out loud, and that is a real good thing when reading to alot of different ages.

From School Library Journal:
Gr 4-6- Roxie Dockery and her family always look forward to Christmas, no matter how humble. Life in Appalachia was difficult even before the Great Depression swept over the country, but there was always a little candy and fruit, a Christmas tree at the church, and the grandparents coming for a visit. This year, though, a snowstorm leaves the family trapped on their mountain. Next, a huge tree crashes down on their house, leaving Baby John with a broken arm and the entire family homeless. However, the resourceful Dockerys move themselves into the barn and work together to create a new home and a Christmas celebration, which turns out to be the best yet. There's a lot of fetchin' and tendin' and the like, which gets a little tiresome, but vivid descriptions of everyday life and a believable, funny, and-above all-loving family make this a pleasant holiday read.-M. A.

We all definitely recommend this book as a must read for the Christmas season.

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