Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Annual Collins' Family Secret Santa Gift Exchange

On Thanksgiving the kids picked the name of the sibling whom they would be a secret santa for. Each of the ten kids, some on their own and some with a lot of help from Mom and Dad, buy a present for their special person. Our family tradition is to exchange these gifts on Christmas Eve.
It was a day filled with anticipation as people brought out presents and placed them under the tree.
We passed out playing cards to prevent undo stress, ( a.k.a. a lot of screaming) as to the order of gift opening.
Lukie received a very speedy train from Gracie.
Matt had a turn--with plenty of help.
Amy gave Mark some great Star-wars guys.
Laura and Pat love each other so much, they picked each others names.
Kimmy loves her Colorforms from Matt.
Surprise, Amy found jewelry in an opened box of chocolate covered cherries from Danny.
Another year, and another successful showing of sibling love.

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