Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Snowstorm in a window

I had put the simple directions for this activity in my favorites a few days ago, awaiting a trip to Wal-mart for dental floss and little sticky circles. We had fun today making them. It caused my very busy, active, non-stopping, constantly hopping, always talking children to slow down and spend an hour in (relatively) quiet.
I love the look of this "snowstorm" in a window, and when a breeze blows through, it is a very calming and peaceful sight. They look great from outside, and the Christmas tree lights give them a whole new look.
Imagine my surprise today when Charlotte, at Waltzing Matilda, made, and linked to the borax snowflakes we made yesterday. Now, I link back to her, as she made "A Snowstorm in a Window" before we made ours.

It's great to have things in common with wonderful families across the country!


Rhonda said...

These are just beautiful! I would have never thought of something like this. Very, very cool!

Sandra said...

This is nice too. I wish I had smaller children to enjoy these things with. sigh... :)

The Krazy Girl said...

Very cute idea:)