Thursday, December 18, 2008

Orange Clove Pomander Ball

Gracie and I did the honors of making our annual orange pomander ball. I just don't think it smells like Christmas unless I can smell cloves and oranges.
The first thing we did was put ribbon around the orange. I attached the ribbon with pins. We have tied the ribbon on in the past, but in our "active" household we seem to need something more substantial to hold it.Then my super helper, Grace, started making holes in the orange and putting the cloves in. She used a paperclip to poke the first hole into the orange, this makes it very easy to put the clove into this premade hole. Even though a first hole makes it easier, Grace did end up putting a bandaid on her thumb to help push the cloves into the orange.
"I don't think you want to take a bite, Grace, but it sure does smell good!"
I then put more ribbon around the first to provide a way to hang the pomander up. If I had planned correctly, the first ribbon would have extended beyond the orange to provide for hanging-but I didn't plan correctly.
It now proudly hangs on the living room fan (next to the Irish Mistletoe) giving off its heavenly Christmas scent.


Rhonda said...

Great job Gracie! It is beautiful and I bet it smells delicious!

Jessica said...

love the smell too.