Saturday, December 27, 2008

A beautiful wedding

Becky, the beautiful Maid of Honor.
Congratulations to Ida and Andrew on receiving the Sacrament of Matrimony today, in front of many family and friends.
Laura and Amy
Gracie Mark and Gracie
Daddy and Kimberly
Becky and the lovely bride
enter the groom
Kimberly and Becky
Becky and her wedding cake (I mean Andrew and Ida's wedding cake)
Auntie Kim and her God-daughter Kimberly. Auntie Kim is also the mother of the groom.
Matt and Alexis
cutting the cake-there was NO cake smearing here--way to go Ida and Andrew
Pat and I also took this opportunity to take a picture together--we don't look too bad after 23 years and 10 kids.
We also took this opportunity to take a family photo-all ten kids-and all looking good!


Charlotte (Matilda) said...

Sweet pictures! What a lovely and unique wedding dress the bride is wearing. It matches the wedding cake!

The Krazy Girl said...

It looks like a wonderful time. BTW--When I saw that there was a post on a wedding I got all excited and hoped there were pictures of the wedding cake. I LOVE and I mean LOVE to look at wedding cakes. Its by far my favorite part of wedding receptions...and not just because you get to eat them:) Thanks for not disappointing me.

Rhonda said...

Oh what a beautiful wedding! The cake was just gorgeous! She did an amazing job on it. The last family photo is just so good Joann! You need to frame that one hon.

Alice Gunther said...

What beautiful pictures!