Saturday, December 6, 2008

Guess who we saw tonight?

We were just minding our business this evening when along comes a firetruck.
A firetruck carrying Santa Clause slowed down in front of our house and a woman on a loud speaker announced that Santa would be at the village hall at the tree lighting--in 15 minutes. My kids can get ready to leave the house real fast when Santa is involved--like in five minutes, I think that is a world record, considering 6 kids got ready, and one (namely Luke) was still wearing his pajamas. (OK, it was almost 5:00-but give me a break, I have 10 kids!)

Gracie was one of the two children who would actually sit on Santa's lap. She would like a Barbie doll, although, she was not quite sure is she has been good.
This was the first year Luke would get anywhere near the "big guy"! I was very proud of him. He would like a super fast train with a lot of power. Kimberly would not get near Santa, except to grab a piece of candy from him, twice.)
The excitement of the tree lighting was brought to a screeching halt when, in preparation for the big event, a fuse was blown in the village hall. (This is a small, small village.) But, Santa, also an electrician, worked a Christmas miracle-(these were the words Gracie used to decribe the event to her Dad)
Santa (who,by the way, was wearing barn boots) plugged in the extension cord while the crowd (about 40 of us) sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas!
A glorious sight!--small town version!


The Krazy Girl said...

It looks like your family had a lot of fun:)We live in a pretty small town. Our tree lighting ceremony is about 10 minutes long...then everyone clears out.

Fear of Santa is pretty common. My ds Brett gets totally freaked out when he has to sit on Santa's lap. I guess Santa is ok at a distance but not if you have to get up close:)

heavenly bliss said...

What a story and what a surprise for you all. I'm glad that Santa is so resourceful. Also I wish our library had some of those great books you are reading.
xoxo Jenny

Rhonda said...

I have to ask. Is Gracie twirling her hair while talking to Santa? Lindsay does that with her hair when she gets nervous. She is not afraid of Santa and has always loved to go and see him, but she always twirls her hair when she gets nervous. These are some great photos and I am so glad that Santa worked his miracle.