Saturday, July 3, 2010

Preschool Days---Week 6

While we still continued with our letter Mm school---we also enjoyed many other fun "extra" activities this week. (and we also all got pretty sick along the way)
Thanks to my "big" girls, Kim and Luke were able to participate in Lowes Build and Grow activity. It was especially fun because they made Monster trucks. Just perfect for Mm week.
If you haven't check out this Lowes program--it is well worth your time!!
Current events took center stage this week. We learned about oil spills, the Gulf of Mexico, and how to clean up an oil spill.
The above books talk about the Exxon Valdez oil spill. After reading, we looked up some pictures on the computer of the clean up taking place down south.
I did find a big surprise outside later this day. The three youngest kids filled their small swimming pool with an "oil spill". They used dirt and grass and rocks. It was a BIG mess, and they learned just how hard it is to try and clean up a fake oil spill, much like the trouble BP is having cleaning up a real oil spill.
We made our 2010 Fourth of July t-shirts for the annual patriotic parade.
Click over here and check out the whole post devoted to this years shirts.
Sadly, these shirts won't be seeing the parade this year---we are waiting for lab results to see if we have whooping cough in the house---so we are staying home.
Mm is for movies.
We spent a morning a week at the movies during the summer because the movies are FREE.
When you have 10 kids--free is the best!!
Do you have free movies in your area?
Summer also means the summer reading program--with loads of fun---at the library.
Our local library kicked off the fun with a luau.
Luke enjoyed the beach blanket bingo.
We did manage to do some table work this week.
The M&M unit from Confessions of a Homeschooler continued to be a big hit.
Patriotism played an important part in this weeks schooltime.
I love this big book from Abeka Book.
Reviewing our letter Mm phonics along with our past letters.
The M&M puzzle.
We explored natures beauty on a gorgeous afternoon.
Check out the whole post about our fun outing.
Mm is for muffins!!
In spite of the sickness that is going around we had a great week.
It goes to prove, learning continues no matter what is happening around us, thank goodness!

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Tiffany said...

Hi Joann~ I just found your blog through another blog! I just wanted to thank you for sharing the (past)t-shirt idea for the 4th of July...Those are adorable and seem easy enough for little ones too. God Bless you and your beautiful family!