Saturday, July 17, 2010

Preschool Days--week 8

We finished up Kk week and also had a lot a fun outside of the "classroom" this week.
Our Kk wall
, I was very happy for this second week of the letter Kk because one of my favorite authors and illustrators is Steven Kellogg.
He is a fun illustrator to focus on because his pictures are easily recognizable, even for small children.
There is also a Steven Kellogg website.
Kim and Luke made a ball catching game at the Lowe's Build and Grow event.
Luke at work!
We all enjoyed some physical education at the Collins' Family Softball Game.
I love that the littlest kids were included in the game.
Luke was catcher and he did an awesome job!
Social skills are practiced in the summer, especially with the cousins.
Nature was studied on a little side trip over the Thousand Island bridge, over the St. Lawrence River and onto Wellesley Island.
This full post can be found here.
"How big is your wingspan??
Practicing patterning with the Teddy Bear counters.
Kimberly is becoming a pro at continuing patterns.
Luke is using the Teddy Bear counters as pieces for the Listen and Learn Farm Sounds Lotto.
I like these "listening" lotto games. They come with a cd. You play the cd and the kids put a marker on the animal they hear. The kids have to be quiet and listen carefully so they don't miss an animal sound.
It is a very good skill to practice.
I love summer library activities.
This years theme is "make a splash at your library".
Monday with the first craft day---making fish out of old cds.
Luke concentrating on his work.
We are now enjoying these very cute fish at home.
They hang from our ceiling fan.
Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha's feast day was this past week. We attended Mass and then learned about the wonderful Native American girl.
She also happens to have lived only about an hour and half away from our home. We plan on visiting her shrine next week.
Our artist of the week was Paul Klee.
I love everyone's final geometric artwork.
Make sure to check out the entire post about this project.
Friday we were back at the library to enjoy a puppet show.
We've had a very productive week of "school".
Next week begins Daddy's two weeks of vacation. There will be no table work next week, but I know there will a lot of learning going on!!


muguet said...

Good idea: Practicing patterning with the Teddy Bear counters.

Terra said...

Wow! What a fun and amazing week ya'll had. That picture of the crazy looking puppet is a little scary!!!! LOL.