Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun at the Fort

Today we spent the morning at Fort Stanwix, participation in their "Fun at the Fort" program.
First, the kids met with a ranger and she told them about the responsibities of children at the fort during the Revolutionary War.
Many families followed their husbands and fathers to forts such as Fort Stanwix, so there was much work to be done, even for the youngest children.
Kimmy with her "pocket". Dresses in Revolutionary War time didn't have pockets, so pockets were sewn and tied around the waist, just like the pocket Kimmy is modeling.
Our soldier guide explained many of the jobs children would have at the fort.
If the kids completed there chores today at the fort, they would be allowed to play with some of the Revolutionary War era toys.
Many piles of fire wood had to be moved within the fort.
Aaron, Mark and Luke
Kimberly worked hard sweeping out an officers quarters.
Gracie working hard.

Aaron has some BIG muscles.
The boys looked quite sweaty and hot after their work---and then there was more work to do.
Kimmy standing at attention waiting for her next orders.
The water brigade.
Look at Luke's smile. He loved this job!
Luke carried the half full water buckets all by himself.
He had to take teeny tiny steps, but he got the job done.
Even the soldiers were surprised at his determination.
Kimmy thought she was soooo strong. She walked right along with no trouble at all. (I don't think she ever realized that she had quite a bit of help)
It wasn't hard for Mark
or Aaron.
After finishing up their work, the kids were all named Jr. Rangers.
After all their hard work, they were giving the toys to play with.

Now this is really "Fun at the Fort"

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