Sunday, July 11, 2010

Heading to "The River"--Makes My Monday

We headed 2 hours due north Sunday to attend my nephew's graduation party from highschool.
That fun will get its own post, but on the way home we took a 15 minute drive for a great little side trip.
We headed over the St. Lawerence River on the 1000 Island Bridge.
The kids were absolutely thrilled for this unexpected fun.
At the top of the bridge, overlooking a few of the 1000 Islands and the St. Lawerence River.
Can you say GORGEOUS!!
Wellesley Island State Park
Gracie just loved this bench :-)
"How big is your wingspan?"

Amy made a new friend.
painted lady butterfly
There were quite a few nesting pairs of ospreys---nesting of the electric poles.

Sillouette against the great St. Lawerence Seaway

Amy with her feet in "the river"
If you live in our part of the country there is only one "river". You head up to "the river" in the summer. My Miami nieces are visiting for a few weeks and they were puzzled when we would refer to "the river". As Amanda stated, "There are a lot of rivers, Aunt Joann." But we corrected her, "There is only one "river" in our neck of the woods!"
And it is beautiful!!
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Olivia said...

That does look beautiful! We live near a "the river" too. I keep reminding myself to name it for the kids!

Cheryl Lage said...

I wanna check my wingspan! :)
What a wonderful trek you all had....
That silhouetted shot is perfection.

Your shared travel Makes My Monday...thank you so much for playing along!