Friday, July 30, 2010

stART-The Trickster Tales

This week's stART project just jumped out at us this week.
While reading "The Trickster Tales" by Gerald McDermott, we noticed the bright colors and geometric shapes he uses in his illustrations.
I asked the kids what were some similarities in the artwork from book to book and we immediately noticed the artwork in the titles of his "Trickster Tales" books.
I thought it would be a great way to decorate our own names---using this artistic technique.
We simply printed out everyone's name, using block letters. (Amy was able to make our names pretty fancy)
We then colored them in. I had each child pick two or three colors and we used the books to give us inspiration.
Gracie's final product---along with Amy's fun computer graphics.
Some of our finished products.
I think I will have the kids cut out their names in one piece and mount them on black construction paper. Then we will use them to decorated the "schoolroom" walls.
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