Monday, July 12, 2010

The First Annual Collins' Softball Game

Whoo hooo---welcome to the photo essay of the first annual Collins' family softball game.
Grandma and Aunt Mary welcome you.
This past Saturday was the first annual Collins' family softball game and picnic.

It was a great day, and would only have been better if the whole family was able to be there.

You were missed, folks!!

Following is a very, very photo heavy post of the day.

I happened to be the roving photographer, so I am posting here so that all the family can grab whatever photos they would like.

Uncle Jim and Maddie.

Maddie had the honor of being the youngest attendee of the day. Because of that fact, she was well smooched on.....

Some of the "apple" team.

Three of my own little apples.

What is this? Amy is a "green" team enemy.

Kimmy is ready to play ball.

Whoo hoo, Dana!!

Daddy and his sidekick....

Strike one, Grace.

Hey, how did this get in there? I was supposed to be taking the pictures.

(I did get a hit....but had a little runner...)

Uncle Andy giving Luke a few pointers.

Luke is a real slugger.

Tony has his work cut out for him, trying to keep Luke on first base. How dare an uncle would tag Grace out at homeplate.....she even slid into home....

I'm not sure about Laura's softball stance---but she does look real cute, and she did get a hit.

I think this is a pose!

Uncle Pat gave Johnny some batting pointers.

Uncle Tim pitching---tossing some heat to the babies....

Kimmy and Amy keeping out of the was HOT!!!

No bunting allowed, Pat.

Poor sportmanship, Mike.

Keep your eye on the ball, Kim.

Uncle Tim looks on while Mark bats.

Monkey Grace

Batter up!!



After Uncle Andy show him how to give the signals, Luke was full time catcher.

Elizabeth hits a long ball!

My little catcher

Annie tries her luck at pitching.

This doesn't look good.

That's a little bit high, Joanne.

It was a HOT day, but Gracie found a way to beat the heat.

Danny calls his shot......

He slams the ball into the outfield.....

He runs, as only Danny can....

He is determined to get home---which is quite a long ways to run....

and he is tagged out in an awesome collision at the plate.

That was one real brave uncle that got him out....

He did limp for the rest of the day....

Vinnie and Jim.

Tony and Luke


Annie and Catherine

Pat trying to organize the chaos of picture time.

Following the game, it was onto a picnic at Tim and Sue's house.
Thanks so much for all the work you did to have us all over.
Terry, Tim and Mike
Pat and his mom.
Still very HOT and very sunny.

Here's to next the second annual Collins' ballgame.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great day!! But who won??! auntie kim