Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A search for "nature" at Mount Hope

cow vetch and ox-eyed daisy
It was a beautiful cool, crisp day today.
Perfect for taking a nature hike at Mount Hope.
wild raspberries
A few wild raspberries were found.....I think wild raspberries are the most delicious treat that God every created.
wild blackcaps
Second to wild redraspberries has to be wild blackcaps.
These make the best jelly anyone could ever taste.
purple aster
ox-eyed daisy
an unknown, gorgeous bloom
We brought a magnifying glass, net and "bowl" and heading into the woods, searching for nature.
Because we had our magnifying glass, the little children wanted to find "small" nature.
You can't get much smaller than this little toad.

Amy was the tiny toad catcher!
A dragonfly wing was found near the pond. It was perfect for studying with the magnifying glass.

A tiny red mushroom
Amy took this amazing photo---especially when you take into account this mushroom was less than an inch tall.
A family of Canadian geese.
The babies are almost grown now.
a visiting damsel fly
Luke wanted to keep the damselfly for a pet, but eventually decided on his own to let it fly away.
Becky said her day was complete after she caught....
this frog.
Becky also proved to be a great salamander and crayfish catcher.
Kimmy is the queen of the rock!
Final tally: 5 crayfish and 7 salamanders

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Rhonda said...

What a great day spent with Mother Nature. I loved all of the photos. Thank you for sharing your family day with us.