Friday, July 9, 2010

Preschool Days---Week 7

It's Kk week--part 1--at our preschool/kindergarten this week.
Kk is pretty tricky, because I can't just have the kids listen for the Kk sound at the beginning of words. (Too many of the words they "hear" start with a Cc.) So this week we have kept to a few simple Kk words.
KISS is one of those words.

Kimberly (my favorite Kk word) decorated a letter Kk with nice, bright red kisses.

Luke refused to take part in this activity----no lipstick for him!!

This is too cute!!

Luke was happy to use Do a Dot paint to make his letter Kk.

These printables come from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Both kids really enjoy the Kumon Book of Pasting: Jigsaw puzzles.

It is great for cutting practice and gluing practice and

putting a puzzle together.

Rhyming was a big part of our kindergarten work this week.

We worked on 4 sets of words at a time, putting together the picture puzzle and then "reading" the rhymes together.

I also got out the Rhyming Word Photo Puzzles.
This is great for practicing rhymes.

Both Kim and Luke worked on about 6 sets at a time.

Our author of the week: Ezra Jack Keats.

Luke's favorite book this week was Whistle for Willie.
Peter, the main character in many of Ezra Jack Keats books, can't whistle, but after much practice he learns how to whistle for his dog, Willie.

Luke can't whistle, but Kimberly can, so this book has Luke practicing this skill.

At the library, through the interloan library system, I was able to order a dvd of a compilation of many of the books we enjoyed reading.

Our library also now offers Playaway "books". It is a preloaded player with just one book on it. All you need are headphones and you can listen to the stories.

Counting bears helped with math.

I made index cards with the numbers 1-5 on them them and also a card with an addition sign and an equal sign.

Kimberly put the correct number of bears onto the number cards and then added them together.

All the bears marched over to the "equal" card and Kimberly counting out the answer to the math problem.

Science was all about investigating real "creatures" this week.

Have you ever looked closely at a moth? A simple, small moth, on the door to the house, led to an investigation into moths and butterflies and insects.

Last week we hatched some Triops eggs.
What cool little creatures.

The kit said that probably about 2 or 3 would hatch, growing to about an inch each---we had about 15 hatch---I guess we are great triop raisers.

Snacks and the letter Kk caused a dilemma.
But while grocery shopping, as I wandered down the cereal aisle, Rice Krispies jumped right out at me.

Rice Krispie treats are just the perfect Kk snack.

Boy, I love these cuties!!

That's a lot of treats!!

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Kara said...

So fun! I love your K ideas...all my kids' names start with K so these would be perfect for my preschooler. I'm inspired to plan more with my little Peanut now. :-)

Tristan said...

Okay, I could hug you!We did Kk this week and planned to continue next week as well. While we use the Leter of the Week printables I really love the kisses on paper and the rice krispies. We'll definitely use those next week. We've also been working through the Kite Capers Download N' Go, which works well with big sister helping the 4 and 5yo.

Rhonda said...

You always do the greatest things with your little ones. I like the Kk is for kiss. So cute!

Cathy said...

This is such a sweet idea! My little girl would love to make a "Kissing" K.

Thanks for linking up to the Ultimate Alphabet Craft Collection.

Terra said...

We made a kissing K a couple of weeks ago too and my lil' monkey loved doing it. She doesn't get to wear lipstick...ever, and so she was thrilled to do it and wanted to do it again and again.