Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lessons From Little House on the Prairie

We are traveling westward as we learn about the pioneers, and our main "lesson book" is Little House on the Prairie.
I had visions of sweet lessons and outdoor learning and the strengthening of family ties.
I didn't realize what the favorite "lesson" would be. As the kids played "Little House" outdoors, they built fires, explored the "prairie" and yes, Luke, portraying Mr. Edwards, taught Kimmy how to spit.
He was so proud to show his exceptional skills!
"This is how you do it, Kim!"
I think Kimmy's little person knows how to spit now also!!
I wonder what the next "favorite" activity the kids will discover?


Shannon said...

The Little House series has lots of gross stuff the kids love! Mine really got a little shocked by the gut that was used as a balloon/ball to bounce around the yard. We did not do a home experiment with that one, though.

Denice said...

that makes me laugh. we as hs moms get these visions in our minds about how hs will be. but the kids always keep us grounded!

Rachel said...

Shannon, my kids were shocked with that as well. :)

I love the lessons of Little House. We are planning on doing the unit study with them this summer.