Thursday, August 7, 2008

What Kind of Bug do we Have?

This dreaded fly creature visited our screen this morning. You can see Laura's eye on the other side of the screen. This can help you gauge its size. This scary bug was at least 1 1/2 inches long.

Does anyone know what it is called?
Thanks to my 4Real friends, I now know that it is a "giant", "blood-sucking" horse fly. I am not so happy now that we all ran outside to take its photo!


webnetlink said...
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Anonymous said...

Except for the eyes it looks like a cicada. I'll look through our guides and see if I can get more accurate. Did you see any skin moltings on or near the door?


molly said...

YIKES ! I hate things like that! You are always so good about grabbing the cmera, I just swat and kill!!!!!

Rhonda said...

We have those on some of our beaches here and let me tell you, when they decide to bite they really, really hurt! I am afraid of them and I swat at them like a mad woman when they are buzzing around me.