Friday, August 8, 2008

We have caterpillar hatchlings...

Laura found two Monarch eggs on the same milkweed leaf this past Sunday at Grandma H's house. This photo is last years egg, but they sure look the same year to year.
I tried to make the size known by the comparison to the veins in the leaf.

You can see this year's hatchling above. It is the tiny black speck at the top right of the leaf.
Hatchling between a few minutes and two hours old. Mark named him Alexander the Great.
Two days old, and at least three times the size of the 2 hour hatchling.

I hope to get pictures every two days because it just amazing me how fast these little critters grow.

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Rhonda said...

Just amazing! I am looking forward to see the upcoming photos of the growth. My girls will definitely enjoy it!