Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Author Fiesta for August-Tasha Tudor

I have to humbly admit--I did not know who Tasha Tudor was. We homeschool, we read picture books by the dozens a day, we love nature and the simple life-but I did not know who Tasha Tudor was, until Cay introduced her as the Author Fiesta author for August.
I know about her now, and I know that I will be reading and learning much more about this remarkable women in the days and years to come.
If you don't know her or haven't seen the video Take Joy! it is a video biography of Tasha's life, in which Tasha herself tells about her life, work, family and inspiration. I think that just this short video has introduced me to someone whom I will admire for the rest of my life.

My home library had a few of her titles and I have many more ordered through our interloan library service. I found this site that tells a little about her life, and it includes a list of her works near the bottom of the article.

This afternoon was used to get out our Author Fiesta binder and get started on this months fun. Tasha Tudor's art is striking in its charm and simplicity. I just love it, especially since many of her subjects are children, a subject near and dear to the heart of this family.

You can see a sampling of her artwork at this site.

Our first page in the Tasha Tudor section of our binder we glued a picture of Tasha in the center, and then we carefully practiced using her art techniques to make our own drawings. We then decorated this page, in much the same way Tasha did around the border of her stories.

Amy's work

Gracie's flowers

Mommy's attempt

Mark's sunflower

Amy has become very enthralled with this artwork. She loves drawing and now she has great inspiration to learn even more.


Renee said...

We love Tasha Tudor here! Sadly many of her books are no longer in print, but on the flip side, after she passed away, some are being republished. Yah! Excellent post Joann! Oh, and your blog header is just FABULOUS!!! Diehards no doubt huh? LOL Blessings to you!

Rhonda said...

What great artwork. Amy's drawings are beautiful. Now I am off to discover who Tasha Tudor was. This is a new author for me and I am curious.