Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Author Fiesta-Tasha Tudor-Corgis

We have been really enjoying this month's Author Fiesta
author Tasha Tudor.

We have noticed that in many of her books, and in her "real" life, she just loved Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs. So these dogs are what we learned about today.We had a lot of fun discovering interesting information about this breed of dogs thanks to the research form that Cay has included on her Author Fiesta site.

The kids learned about the history of corgis. Our favorite legend concerning these dogs is that they we given as puppies to two children by the fairy folk.

I also found a coloring page for the kids to color and put into our Author Fiesta binder.

Tasha Tudor also wrote three books with corgis as the main characters. We enjoyed these very much. Corgiville Fair: The Great Corgiville Kidnapping: Corgiville Christmas. Corgiville Christmas was Tasha Tudor's last published work.

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