Friday, August 15, 2008

Scenes from a Summer's Day

Earlier this week, (before for kids started dropping like flies from a summer virus) Becky took the little kids for a walk in search of some "scenes from a summer's day."

I have seen this flower on other folk's websites and have always thought is was soooo pretty. I assumed that it didn't grow around here, but Becky found a little patch of it right out back.
Butter and Eggs
My all-time favorite North-Eastern USA flower identication site is here. Even though it is a Conneticut site, and we are in Central New York, I have never found a flower that wasn't on this site.

Marching along, into the "wilderness"

Kimberly and Queen Annes Lace.

We brought it home and changed its color by putting it in water with food coloring. (Check science off the list for today's schoolwork)

Gracie is not here, because she started our current sickness.

A favorite spot for a boy

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Rhonda said...

What a beautiful flower! I have never seen one. Thank you for sharing it. I also enjoyed the photos of your children and nature. Sorry to hear that some of the kiddos are not feeling well :0(