Friday, September 28, 2007

St. Jerome and the Lion

St. Jerome's feast day is Sunday, September 30, so we decided to celebrate it today. (We have a very busy weekend scheduled.)
Using the Catholic Mosaic
we all enjoyed reading St. Jerome and the Lion. Following the read aloud, much discussion took place regarding life in a monastery and the importance of not jumping to conclusions about people and animals.

We then colored our pictures from the Catholic Mosaic companion coloring book, Fenestrae Fidei.

This lovely lion came from my favorite, very easy, craft site, DLTK's crafts.

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Anonymous said...

I just updated myself on your recent posts(that I haven't seen) and decided to put my comments into one big one. What an awesome fall/school/soccer time you have been having-keep up the learning and fun. God bless you. Kim H.