Sunday, September 23, 2007

Celebrating Our Lord's Day

In the Cathedral of Vienna, September 9: "Without the Lord, without the Lord’s Day, we cannot live."
Pope Benedict is encouraging us all to live our lives on Sundays with our eyes towards God.

We don't always accomplish this, but it should always be our goal.

We attend church with our parish family and visit after the mass, and then we continue our day of rest by spending time with our families. We enjoy each other, and on these beautiful autumn days we can also enjoy God's beauty,

in small things,

and in big things, but most importantly we need to enjoy our families.

Sisters and

brothers play together.
Brothers work together.

Grandpa spends time with his grand daughter,

and we all can enjoy God's bountiful harvest, while we take time to remember the important things in life.


Len & Heather said...

Just lovely!!!

Cay said...

I just love your family, Joann. :)