Monday, September 10, 2007

An Apple Tree Craft

Emily, over at God's Canvas,
has been gracious enough to head up this weeks Craft of the Week over at the 4Real forum.

If was the perfect activity for kids that like to get messy.
In honor of autumn, we made apple trees.

The kids really enjoyed painting themselves so they could print the trunk and branches of our tree.

They then carefully dotted glue around their trees so they could affix the leaves, (torn pieces of contruction paper.)

Finally, we finger painted apples onto our trees. As you can see below, Gracie figured that she needed an apple for every leaf, and some have already fallen to the ground.

Thank-you 4RealLearning for another successful Monday afternoon craft.


Anonymous said...

Good job kids. The apples look good enough to eat. Keep up the good work.
Aunt Jean

Ruth said...

I love this craft. We will have to try it out this week. Thanks for sharing it.

His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

I think I will do this with my "big" kid too, it looks like fun.