Monday, September 10, 2007

Rosary Three Part Cards

Kathryn, at The Bookworm, has put together this absolutely beautiful set of three part Rosary cards for all 20 mysteries of the Rosary.
I printed them out this weekend and then laminated them.

I have decided to use them differently than the usual three part cards. I wanted the kids to learn to match each mystery with its picture, but I also want them to learn the order of each mystery. Because of my goal, I made control cards showing the proper picture and mystery, and also it shows the proper order of all five joyful mysteries etc.

We read about each of the Joyful Mysteries today, explaining them carefully and talking about the pictures, and then they went on to match their own set.

Hopefully, this will help instill a greater love and devotion to Our Blessed Mother and the Holy Rosary.


The Bookworm said...

Good idea! I'm glad you liked them :).

His Servant: Ann Kraeger said...

took the opportunity to "steal" this idea for my upcoming kindergarten religion classes. what beautiful pictures.

Cindy said...

What a great idea. Off to print, laminate and get going with these!