Friday, September 21, 2007

Real Science

What did we learn about in science this week?
Bones, bones and more bones.
We have looked at x-rays of bones, MRIs of bones and pictures of bones under an electron microscope. It was very cool stuff.

This is definitely our favorite bone book. Very cool pictures, with a four page fold-out skeleton of a diplodocus in the middle. (I think this might lead to a dinosaur unit next.)

We can name all the bones on our skeleton "dead Pete". (We can also make "dead Pete" dance, sit, run, and do all sorts of boney poses.)

Grace has been enjoying putting together "dead Thomas". (They chose the names on their own. Mark named "dead Pete" after out favorite librarian.)
All-in-all we have had a wonderful week of "real learning" about our skeletons and bones.

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