Friday, September 7, 2007

Cinderella Around the World

We have been having a wonderful time traveling around the world as we read "Cinderella" written from different lands and ures.
We have been truly amazed at the many variations we have found from all over the world. All ages in our home have been enjoying them. Some are very close to our own, and some are very different.
We started with a super list of books from Cay.

Mark and Grace have made a folder to hold our "treasures" that we have discovered.

We printed the cover picture and put it in our folder and under that we are comparing our traditional (Disney) Cinderella to the new story we have read. It is funny to listen to the children making comparisons, they come up with things that even I miss.

We then have taken a printed map of the world or continent or country and labeled it as the setting of our new Cinderella.
Mark's favorite version so far is Smoky Mountain Rose-an Appalachian Cinderella.Grace's favorite is The Korean Cinderella.This has been one of the most enjoyable studies we have done. We are looking forward to many more "Cinderella" stories.


Anonymous said...

this sure is a good way to do creative writing and maps(social studies). keep up the cool ideas-Kim

Anonymous said...

This sounds absolutely wonderful! I teach 4th grade, and I am just preparing to do a very similar unit at my school. Congratulations on giving your children such diverse learning experiences! I'm sure it must be hard homeschooling so many at different levels, but it sounds like you really work hard at it to make it a very enriching experience!! Yay for you!! :)