Monday, May 28, 2007

Smalltown Americana

It was a glorious Memorial Day today, and as in many small towns, a parade marched down the main street.

Anticipation is a wonderful thing, adding much excitement to the day.

We had brothers and sisters,

and sisters and brothers waiting for the parade.

You know that your in a small town when there are more tractors in the parade than bands.

You know your in a small town when goats are a main attraction in the parade,

and we love the fire dog even though he is not a dalmation. You also know that your in a real small town when the parade passes you once, and then turns around and comes back from the other direction.(no kidding)

Candy was tossed to us and everyone enjoyed it very much.

You know it was a very good parade when you have to carry your candy back to grandma's like this.

This was my favorite part of the parade, Luke and his daddy enjoying the day.

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betty said...

EVERYBODY loves a parade...great family fun!