Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Beautiful Afternoon.

Pat, the children, and I spent a wonderful afternoon at my parent's house today. Our schooling has definitely taken on an unschooling look lately, nature study being our biggest subject recently, and we are all loving it. As I was growing up, my dad sitting in this position was a common sight. The birds were a constant interest, but there were also the many bugs and critters that he would bring home that kept things lively. (He does know how to pet bumble bees and has done it many times. He has also helped many of my children do the same) Our love for nature has certainly come from him.
My mom and dad's backyard is a wildlife haven. We spent just about two, peaceful hours sitting outside and enjoying the sights and sounds.(As peaceful as it can get with 5 children along.)

This is a house wren who definitely didn't like us near it's nest.

A bleeding heart flower is in full bloom. It was a gift from my brother.

This double purple lilac came from a bush in the backyard of my Uncle Lee and Aunt Pat.

These are goldern ragwort, spotted at the creek. We haven't seen these before this year.

A beautiful honeysuckle is in full bloom.
Below in Bishop's weed or "snow on the mountain" as my grandfather called it. It grew at our camp in the Adirondack mountains. Mom transplanted some into the backyard here.
I spotted the first Baltimore Oriole of the year this afternoon. I got this picture and then continued watching and soon saw a female. I followed it and found it's beautiful nest in a maple tree in the yard.

Baltimore Oriole nest

This robin must have been feeling a little grimy today because we enjoyed watching it take a nice long bath.

One of my biggest hopes for the future is that this little girl, and all my children, grow up to have the love and appreciation of nature that their Grandfather H. has.


Donna said...

Beautiful oriole...and to find the nest!

Wish we were there :-)

Ruth said...

These are beautiful pictures! You are very blessed.