Monday, May 21, 2007

A Little Bird Watching

Today my wonderful husband took me on my first outing since surgery. First, we had to go and have bloodwork done. That came out perfect. I am well on my way to recovery. A few more weeks of rest and I should be better than new.

After the doctor, we drove over to the Great Swamp Conservancy to do a little bird watching. We brought Luke with us to have an outing with us one on one. (He napped the whole time.)

We saw red-winged blackbirds, tree swallows, and numerous sparrows.

This turkey vulture scared me silly when I didn't notice it until it was 20 feet over head.

We were on the look-out for the great blue herons and we were not dissappointed. They were everywhere. The problem is that the heron nesting rookery is on private land, so we can only get so close, and my camera just doesn't do the beautiful birds justice.

I do love seeing the 50 or so nests up in the tops of the tallest trees. Pat got this one good picture of a heron on its nest.
My next bird to find here is a wood duck. They have had them nest here in the past and I am now determined to find one.

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