Monday, May 7, 2007

Irish Twin Birthdays

I don't know if everyone is familiar with the term "Irish twin" so I will fill you in. Irish twins are children born within twelve months of each other. This past week we celebrated the first Irish twin birthdays of Luke and Kim. Kim on 5/3 and Luke on 5/6. They were both one year old for
3 days.
Becky made wonderful little cakes just for each of them and a train cake for the rest of us to enjoy.

They both enjoyed their cake and went on to open presents.

It took a bath to get Kimberly ready for her presents.

Grace seems quite interested in Luke's train.

Kim doesn't get the idea of her piggy bank yet, but I think Luke wants to give it a try.(or he is afraid that she is going to eat it)
My prayers are that they will continue to grow and thrive and stay close to each other for the rest of their lives.


betty said...

Precious babies! I had two almost that close together. They both have May b-days...4 & 28. They are different as night and day but yes, they are very close.

Alice Gunther said...

Your Irish twins (and all your children) are beautiful! My closest in age children are 19 months apart, but, believe me, I would love a set of Irish twins! : )

Nice cake too!

Ruth said...

Happy birthday to two beautiful children.

Anonymous said...

i see lots of KIMBERLYS Godfather but no pics of her Godmother

Happy Birthday, Kim and Luke