Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Baseball Career Begins

I have been to many opening season baseball games for many of my children. I have missed some of their first games also. This year was a year I had to miss. Mark began his little league career with big brother Pat in attendance. I told Pat what to expect, and I told him about the pictures that I hoped he could get for me. I wanted the pictures that I have in my mind from six other 7 year old baseball players. I wanted the outfielder playing in the dirt, picking flowers, and fixing his shoes. I was not disappointed.

I wanted a picture of a boy swinging the bat with all his might and running with the speed of a major league hero.

I wanted a picture of the beginning of a very big part of a little boy's life, his first big game.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure this is how all pro-baseball
players start. Great pictures.

Love Aunt Jean

Anonymous said...

We think Mark will, someday, be playing for the New York Yankees. He looks like a super baseball player and a real slugger!!!!
G. Mama and G. Papa