Friday, May 25, 2007

An Artistic Day

Last night we enjoyed the book Painting the Wind , so today I thought that we would paint our own wind. I am not particularly blessed with any painting ability, but I think it is important to expose my children to different types of art. This book described still life, landscape painting, and portrait painting. Mark and Grace enjoyed it alot, and they looked forward to our own "painting the wind" today. Here are results.

Gracie painted a very nice tree in the wind, with apples.

Mark's painting looked just like a tree in the wind, but being a 7 year old boy, his painting turned into a lumberjack(the brown guy on the left) chopping the nicely bent tree down.

I like my trees, my most artistic ever, but I am having a hard time seeing any wind here.
Next, we made very patriotic frisbees for Memorial Day. We found the idea in the book, Star-Spangled Crafts, by Kathy Ross.

They are very colorful, and very messy to make. I guarantee that we will be finding patriotic sequins, stars, and glitter for many days to come.

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betty said...

Those are really cute! Good job kids...AND Mom!!!