Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Easy Patriotic Rag Wreath

 Gracie did a wonderful job making a very cute patriotic rag wreath of our front door.
She chose 4 different prints of cotton cloth.  She had 1/4 yard of blue stars, 1/4 yard of white stars, 1/4 yard red stars, and 1/4 yard of red stripes.
 Cut the material into 7 inches by 1 inch strips.  Save one long piece of one of the fabrics to wrap the hanger top.
Bend a wire hanger into a circle.
 Simply tie knots with the fabric strips onto the wire hanger.
 Continue the pattern you choose until the hanger is full.
After this, we wrapped the top "hanger" portion on the hanger with fabric.  After we wrapped it we used glue dots to secure it.
And there you go, a beautiful addition to our patriotic decorations.

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