Monday, July 28, 2014

Opening our July Kiwi Crate-Beach Day

I'm late with our "Opening Our Kiwi Crate" post....but I have to admit we did open it as soon as it arrived. 
In this month's crate was a beach ball....Kimberly immediately opened that and blew it up.  When Luke saw her ball, he found his and was very happy.  (We subscribe with the sibling option, so there is always enough supplies for both kids).
Once they dug out the beachballs, I put the box back together so you can see this month projects.
"crazy crabs" and a "sea foam painting."
They both looked very cute.
We always enjoy the "Explore" magazine.  It is full of activities pages and assorted crafts and also fun with food.
On the last pages of the magazine was a cut out of a shark puppet.  Kimberly did this right away.  (with the sibling pack you receive two magazines)
 It was a cute cut and fold and embellish activity.
As always, every single thing needed for each activity is included...including fiber fill, stickers and sticky google eyes.  Each child gets to make 2 crabs.
Kim and Luke were able to craft on their own.
 The sea foam painting looks very cool.  We haven't made these yet...tomorrow is the day for this, so I will post the final results tomorrow night.
Each child has two sheets of water color paper to use...I looking forward to this.
 In the "Explore"magazine were the directions to make a sponge splash ball.
 Here is our version from an older post.
 Great for a hot day...Thanks Kiwi Crate.
The next day we made out Crazy Crabs.
The kids could make these completely on their own. 
Two crabs come in a regular subscription, but with the sibling pack, we have 4 crazy clams.
So cute.
Now, you line them up and roll the beach ball at them, trying to knock off the "shell".  The shells easily go back on. 
I just think these are great.
Tomorrow we will be making our Sea Foam Painting...Hopefully I will post this process and final project tomorrow evening.
Thank you, Kiwi Crate for another fun box. 

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